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"It is important in my work that I paint intuitively, with no models or photographs to influence the spontaneity of my inner perceptions as they emerge. Although I approach the canvas much like an abstract painter, working with divisions of space, shapes and lines, I enjoy the added challenge of using the human figure. I consciously work with technique and composition, but my unconscious adds an element of inner yearning for tranquility, strength and well being-- depending on my mood. The figures, often depict grounded women with bare earthy feet and large caring hands. The women may be cradling a child, getting solace from a cat or washing their hair in the rain …reflections from my own life. The large old women may be my grandmother or me. I am also the cat or baby. In a way, the whole painting is a self-portrait from the inside, out. Men are also coming into my compositions. For the sake of important elements in a work, I often exaggerate or distort shapes and lines to enhance the overall flow and composition. I apply the paint, but it is a struggle to not get in the way of the process as it unfolds. It works best if the vision guides me, not I guide it. I notice that my visits to Kauai are influencing my palette. I thank my son Jim for all his expertise in making this web site."
-- Sandra Bierman


Selected Awards and Recognition

PURCHASE AWARD "Seduction of Eve II",
City of Loveland, Loveland Art Museum,
Colorado Governor's Invitational, 1998

MEDAL OF HONOR (1st prize oil)
"The Old, The Ugly & Beautiful"
American Artists Professional League,
67th Grand National, Salmagundi Club.
New York City 1995.

and "Woman with Red Hair"
Louie Awards, Javits Center,
New York City, 1995 & 1996.

Artist Magazine Awards, 1994.

"Three Graces Trilogy"
Western Images, Boulder CO 1992.

Maryland Institute of Art
Baltimore MD.


Chosen for inclusion in Marques
beginning 2000.

Seduction of Eve
Seduction of Eve

The Old, the Ugly, the Beautiful
The Old, the Ugly, the Beautiful

Three Graces: Hope
Three Graces: Hope


Bierman Show History

Selected One-Person Shows
2000   "Retrospective: Sandra Bierman" Bakersfield Museum of Art, CA
2000   "Works of Sandra Bierman" Blue Rain Gallery, Taos, NM
1998   "Recent Paintings" Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO
1998   "Coming Home" Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, TX
1996   "New Works" Contemporary Southwest Galleries, Santa Fe, NM
1995   "Spring-Summer Images" Columbine Gallery, Loveland, CO
1993 & 1994   "Inner Light" Montgomery House Gallery, Boulder, CO
1992   "Feelings of the Spirit," National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO



Selected Group Shows
Loveland Museum, Colorado Governor's Invitational, Loveland, CO 1999-2000.
Maison du Terroir, Les Artistes Americaines, Genouilly, France 1996.
Salmagundi Club, National AAPL Show, New York, NY 1995.
National Arts Club, CLWAC 99th National, New York, NY 1995.
Queens College Gallery, CSL Inst. Tour, Cambridge, England 1994.
Merrill Gallery, Expressionist Show, Denver, CO 1996.
Contemporary Southwest Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 1996-99
La Galleria D'Arte, Newport Beach, CA 1995.
Moondance Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 1993.


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