Sandra Bierman

Spirit #1-23
©1998 Sandra Bierman, Do not duplicate

This eternal figure loomed out at me when it was as it is now, and I wondered. “Who are you?” Her eyes spoke of a time far back into the past, into a primordial time of beginnings. Yet, her eyes also look beyond, into the future. Her eyes are the eyes of one who is knowing, who, if she could speak would tell of our beginnings and our journey ahead. I know what she is saying and so would you, if you saw the painting in life. Her eyes are of an old soul, of an ancient spirit. The figure was so strong and so connecting, that I dared not ‘finish’ the painting, dared not put bright colors on it that would distract from its strength, its being. This is one painting that seemed to create itself when I wasn’t aware.

Size: 46”x 32”
Oil on Canvas

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