Sandra Bierman

About Giclee Prints

Bierman Giclee prints have the look and feel of original paintings. Producing a museum quality Giclee print is a meticulous process which requires specialized printing equipment and the skills of a master printer.

Art collectors and designers who previously were shy to consider reproductions are collecting Giclee art. Why? The Giclee is made of superior, lasting material, looks like an original artwork but is priced much less than the original paintings.

The Giclee has the rich, full color not found in previous reproduction processes. It is produced with continuous tones of sprayed pigment producing a wider color range than in serigraphy. Subtle tones of color can now emerge... and full brilliant colors abound.

The Giclee is produced on heavy archival watercolor paper as well as on primed artist canvas. Sandra Bierman's Giclee prints are produced using the highest professional standards in the industry. Each print is inspected, hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

The canvas Giclee goes through the intricate printing process before it is stretched and enhanced with a final coat of glazing medium mixed with transparent color. The result has the rich look and texture of an original oil painting. The Bierman signature is painted with a brush. The canvas Giclee should be framed and shown like an oil painting without glass. The current Bierman canvas editions begin at 150 prints or lower.

The paper Giclee comes in editions of 200 prints or lower. It is framed under glass like a watercolor painting. All Sandra Bierman Giclee prints are protected with a special UV varnish coating to prevent fading and to guarantee their archival integrity. Like all Sandra Bierman artworks, her Giclee prints have already begun to increase in value... and will continue to do so.

“People tell me that my art gives them joy and comfort. It is a joy to me that more people can now share my a fraction of the price of my original paintings.”

    -- Sandra Bierman

FOR MORE INFORMATION contact Sandra Bierman, 542 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302.   Or call 303-447-8871.

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